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Car Android Stereo Unit For BAOJUN 630 2011-2015

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Model :


Car video entertainment

Vehicle amplifier DSP EQ

With GPS global positioning system function, you can know your exact location whenever and wherever you drive your car.

Auto navigation features automatic voice navigation, the best path search and other functions to let you a shortcut, unimpeded, integrated office, entertainment functions let you easily drive, efficient travel

CMMB digital TV is supported

True color HD digital screen 1024x600

Intelligent digital operating platform

Support astern support

Support disk box function

One-button Bluetooth hands-free

FM/AM radio

Multimedia play

Digital high bass control

Support SD/USB

Live 3D map navigation

At the same time into the car video entertainment functions: music, movies, radio, mobile phone connectivity, map navigation.

More efficient compatibility with original vehicle information: air conditioning control, light information, door information, on-board radar, reversing image, 360 panorama

CPU:MST786 Coretex-A9 dual-core 1Ghz (military-grade THIRD-generation processor, based on 65nm nanometer manufacturing process, and SEC cortex-A8 single-core 800Mhz processor) Running memory: built-in 8G SSD operating system: Most stable Android4.2 MCU version: 4.310.1-36-10-E50201 System version: 2.8.10 Display: LVDS/TTL HD multi-touch capacitance screen, 1024*600 resolution, maximum support for 1336*768 navigation voice:

Support exclusive voice control to find GPS: built-in GPS+GLONASS binary star system, cold start 2 seconds positioning, reduce 70% positioning drift.

Bluetooth music, bluetooth, bluetooth phone book, call records, phone book, quickly find support OBD function steering wheel control: support the original car multi-function steering wheel button function video: large high-definition television processing technology, 3 d noise reduction, 3 d to interlaced processing, advanced color engine, 1080 p hard decoding, supports all video format on the market, support CVBS output, independent dual system, entertainment navigation.

Support memory card capacity: the biggest can support 64 gb of Internet functions: support USB outside the 3 g Dongle (WCDMA/td-scdma CDMA) man-machine interface: use vehicle level more capacitance screen, anti-interference chip, completely eliminate electromagnetic interference inside the car, to avoid accidentally touch and voice control: support navigation upgrade: can through the mobile Internet online upgrades and by SD card local DVD: import baldheaded, seismic, dolby sound video decoding technology, compatible with DVD, CD reverse video: support the rearview camera extensions (optional) :

Reserve rich interface, easy to function expansion, support mobile hard disk.

Game support: it supports installation and use of android software, WeChat, weibo, Internet access, etc. It can download free WIFI card in android market, 91 market, and 360 market: 802,11b/g/n wireless card is built in, wireless hotspot can be launched, and mobile WIFI can be Shared